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Yesterday Soccer Results


Yesterday Soccer Results


  • In the recent past
  • on the day preceding today; “yesterday the weather was beautiful”
  • the day immediately before today; “it was in yesterday’s newspapers”
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yesterday soccer results

i saw the upcoming german soccer champions

i saw the upcoming german soccer champions
yesterday i was invited to watch a soccer match of the 1. german soccer league: frankfurt vs. munich. the stadium was sold out since months (51,500 spectators)!

munich won 3:1 and the result is well deserved.

frankfurt did lead 1:0 but could not hold this score against the munich team which got so much better in the second half.
it was a great atmosphere, as you can imagine, even frankfurt lost the match.

we were all sure we have seen the upcoming german soccer champion, because munich cannot get caught by the following teams anymore, only hypothetically.

i took this photo of this two boys, who were friends or siblings and it was quite funny to watch their behavior. although both supported different teams they got along together well.

ps: i did neither support frankfurt nor munich. i could watch the match relaxed whereas my friends around me got upset and swore like a trooper. LOL

Huldiging A.F.C.A

Huldiging A.F.C.A
Yesterday the Dutch soccer club A.F.C.A (Ajax) won the national club, I went to Amsterdam to shoot some pictures of the fans celebrating. These are some of the results
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